The World of Satellite Communication

Working closely with customers, product developers, and Service Partners, we have designed our products to meet the unique needs of diverse industries, environments, and the people who operate in them.

Thuraya’s superior network enables clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two thirds of the globe by satellite and across the whole planet through its unique GSM roaming capabilities. The company’s diverse range of technologically superior and highly reliable mobile satellite handsets and broadband devices provide ease of use, value, quality and efficiency. Find a product to suit your requirements below.

Leading provider of Fleet Management

As the leading provider of fleet management, ship security, and fisheries monitoring systems to the maritime industry since 1998, we understand the needs of the maritime sector, and develop innovative and reliable systems that enable our users to monitor and manage their assets worldwide.

Providing Safety and Security Solutions

Techno-Sciences is a U.S. high technology company providing safety and security solutions around the world. Our turnkey systems provide maritime, border, SAR, civilian, and military organizations around the world with maritime domain awareness, vessel tracking, oil rig security, SARSAT compliance, and command and control. Headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland, TSi has been in business over 30 years, continuously innovating in hardware and software engineering for a wide range of customers and applications.

Satellite Communications
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Serving The Defence, Security, Transport and Energy Industries

Ultra businesses constantly innovate to create solutions to customer requirements that are different from and better than those of the Group’s competitors. By applying these differentiated solutions to a wide range of international platforms and programmes, Ultra has built an exceptionally broad range of specialist capability areas. Where the Group has a number of complementary capabilities it can also combine these to offer wider solutions. Furthermore, the products, capabilities and the associated domain expertise uniquely position Ultra to be able to provide system and sub-system solutions. These solutions are underpinned by through-life management support offerings that ensure the capabilities are delivered and sustained in-service. The Group has an active programme of reinvestment of funds to strengthen its capabilities in its specialist markets.

Electronic Data Changing Services

Dengan pengalaman lebih dari 18 tahun PT EDI Indonesia telah memberikan beragam solusi kepada para pelanggannya di bidang e-business mulai dari Konsultansi bidang IT, Training, Pengembangan Software, Implementasi dan Integrasi Sistem, IT Managed Service hingga penyelenggaraan layanan PDE berbasis teknologi Value Added Network / VAN, EDI Over Internet, Web Services / SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) dan layanan berbasis Cloud Services. Dan demi menjamin keamanan informasi dari seluruh Pelanggan, PT. EDI Indonesia kini telah mendapat sertifikasi ISO 27001:2005.